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The act of kissing and licking someone's asshole
Kiersten : Last night Jake gave me an amazing Rim Job before he fucked my pussy!
Kaylee : Sounds gross what if you had shit in his mouth!
Kiersten : Oh my Jake wouldn't mind he would eat my shit with a spoon!
Steve : Hey Kaylee heard you talking about shit would you like a Rim Job?
Kaylee : Fuck No You Disgusting Pig!
Steve : Ok but could you shit in a bowl so I can eat it cause I would eat your shit with a spoon!
Kiersten : Wow Kaylee I think Steve really likes you! LOL
Kaylee : Damn't Kiersten will you please keep your sex stories to yourself!
by SlopNChop February 25, 2018
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An instance in which the tongue is rubbed in a circular motion around someone else's sphincter.
by moggie and jd November 13, 2002
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the act of orally stimulating the external anal sphincter to cause sexual arousal
My girlfriend puked while giving me a rimjob so i slapped the bitch.
by Jason Pybus May 05, 2003
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when you go to the car wash and you want to get your rims all bling blingin' you ask the guy for a rim job
"I went to the car wash today and got a rim job now they be so clean you can see your reflection"
by Mohammad March 30, 2004
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Sue: Becky got a sweet rim job yesterday
Alice: Awesome! Maybe she cam fix my BBM
by Satyr9 November 11, 2010
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1. When a Mobile Carrier drops coverage over a large geographical area.

2. When the Blackberry Network goes out . . . WORLD WIDE.

Adopted use after Research in Motion (RIM) dropped the ball and caused a data outage that effected Blackberry users world wide for several days in October 2011.
Dude 1: I'm not getting any emails on my Phone.
Dude 2: Bazingo! Its a fuckin' RIM Job!
by Gus Tolliver October 12, 2011
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A job at company Research In Motion (RIM), maker of the blackberry.
He left the company to get a rim job. Those Canadians are hiring a lot lately.
by jnl83 April 02, 2008
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