Something that forcibly imposes itself on you at a time when you don't want it.
Example: Facebook Messenger's extremely annoying popup notification that superimposes itself over everything else you are doing on your smart phone and has to be uninstalled in order to stop it.
I installed Facebook Messenger on my smart phone because I was forced into it with Zuckerberg's monopoly on social media and all, but I decided I would rather swallow glass than have to endure the annoying app -- and uninstalled it within 12 hours because it was so damn intrusive.
by Marbleator August 13, 2014
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A sexual act, in which an ice cube is inserted into one's anus at the point of climax.
I had to kick her to the curb. She kept begging for an arctic intrusion and it was just too weird.
by Mr. Marvin Pancakes III January 04, 2015
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An asshole who lives in your brain telling you to do good things
Intrusive thoughts be like:
Bad thought: have you ever imagined killing your brother.......
Me: da fuck you talking about I dont have a brother...
by FlamgooopscoopdoopE October 30, 2019
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Used when referring to ads on a website or app that are so intrusive, for example, if they cover a large portion of the page or if they're full screen. Or if there are so many on the page. The only way to get rid of them is to install AdBlock.
Kyle: I'm not using EasyBib anymore, they have intrusive ads and they force you to click on them.
Chris: Yeah, and in order to disable them, you have to subscribe to EasyBib Pro for $10 a month.
by The Real Driller July 07, 2020
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When you are penertrated from behind, without consent
"Jimmy pass the spanner"
"No.I think I'll intrude your ass"
by kamal Ali January 20, 2004
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A malady common to carbon-based life forms, cranio-rectal intrusion is also known as having your "head up your ass." As the size of any bureaucracy or institution grows, an exponential increase in the number of cases of "cranio-rectal intrusion" will also occur.
With no repercussions ever being suffered for not following the very laws it institutes, the U.S. Congress continues to prove that the people of the U.S. are suffering from a level of apathy that can only be achieved by prolonged cranio-rectal intrusion.
by BiggerD October 11, 2010
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