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A current mode of speaking that may confuse others who are not familiar with the current events and trends in society.
"We lurked out in the streets for a few hours but then she told me to come over so I came through cause it's really nothing."
"I have no idea what you said I am having a hard time grasping your contemporary vernacular."
by Geno May 08, 2013
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1, another term for the grendle, or taint..the area of a man's body between the testes and the anus. 2, anus+nuts. 3, not quite the anus, not quite the nuts. so anuts.
god, that girl i was with last night totally kicked me in the anuts
by Geno September 01, 2005
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When a "hobo" is murdered. Hezzy is retarded.
He killed a hobo! Call the hobocide detectives!
by Geno March 24, 2003
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undercover/slang word for cocaine usually used when talking on a cell phone.
by Geno January 18, 2005
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See: Jerking off, walking the dog, flogging the dolphin, whackin' it, spankin' the monkey, wanking off, beatin' the meat, beat the pud, get your chili whacked, hand job, masturbate, lubing the shaft, choke the chicken, bash the bishop, slap the salami, stroke the trouser snake, doin' it with Palmala Handerson, Rosie Palms, grow some hair on your hands, lather the lolly, etc.
He went to practice his erectile calestetics.
by Geno March 24, 2003
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