a hot, good-looking female. short for "trim"
Yo, i walked into the club and there was mad rim walking around
by "Nasty" Natrone Means April 24, 2003
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Radnor In The Morning, a show whose goodness is slipping, and sucks often
RIM's on, lets not watch
by jackbeans March 13, 2005
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The sound of a motorcycle when racing. Often heard in groups of motorcycles, and very loud.
Patricia: "Did you hear that sound?"
Nar: "Yeah, I think it was the sound of a motorcycle when racing."
by fishthenoob June 12, 2018
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The ship name between Rahat and Kim, and they are soo cute!
Rahat tops and Kim bottoms ;)
I ship Rim so hard, they are so cute!
via giphy
by reeeeeitsame January 14, 2019
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There is currently a definition for this word that states "The wrong word used for a car's wheel. Used by rappers and morons who do not realise that a rim is not a wheel." While there may be some people who use the word incorrectly, for the most part if someone says " Yo, dawg, check out those rims"( the example sentence), I would simply figure they knew that rims are attached to the center of a wheel. A wheel or tire is not really something that attracts too much attention, unless it's a whitewall tire. The rims, on the other hand, come in very flashy styles of many different types of metals, which IS very noticeable.
That '84 Cadi's chrome rims are tight!
by Valentina E. March 01, 2019
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