The verb 'to rim' refers to the act of performing love (intrusive or oral) of an anal variety.
i.e. Jake rims Fiona.
by Apricoticca August 04, 2005
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Rim is a sweet girl who will most likely protect u in everything, and is never rude to anyone. If she hates you, then u obviously messed up but time.... unless she’s joking hehe :)

She is quite well known but not cool enough to be popular. If she’s ur girlfriend then u will most likely get death glares in the hall way. Her smile and dimples will melt any boys hearts.
Greyham: oh hey Rim!
Rim: OMG hey!
Jack and his friends: oh it’s rim

Everyone else: RIM’S HERE!
by Unknown hehe:) December 03, 2019
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The outer edge of a cars wheel used to support and mount a tire. Ignorant bus-takers often use "rim" as a term to describe an entire wheel, usually the spokes.
"Yo man those are nice RIMS"
"What's so nice about them? They're stock; it's my spokes I was trying to show off."
"That be wack"
by Jim November 15, 2005
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1. Regional Information Manager
An IT fuction within a multinational wholesale company. Rather badly chosen because of 3.

2. Research In Motion
The Canadian company behind the BlackBerry phones.
Rather badly chosen because of 3.

3. The give oral sex to another person's anus. This is calles rimming (to rim) because people tend to lick the rim of the anus and not the inner bit.
A: You should ask the RIM that.

B: The WHAT???

No wonder they are called BLACKberries, they're produced by RIM!!
by Milanifan March 18, 2011
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Acronym for Reasearch In Motion (RIM), a canadian company.
I work at RIM!
by Anonymous March 27, 2003
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The outer part of a wheel that supports a tire. The urban definition of rim would be the entire wheel. Obviously some people were very unknowledgable to cars and now rim means wheel, how gay.
"I bent the rim on my bike, good thing I don't have to buy an entire wheel."

"Yo DaWg, tHoSe rImS aRe hIpE!!!"
by Key Dawg July 25, 2004
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