An acronym used in most 12-step programs to describe Restless, Irritable, discontent; 3 major emotions that trigger an addictive personality to relapse.
No surprise the mailman relapsed he was full of RID.

Boy is he ridful.
by Ebby Thatcher February 05, 2020
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A young girl who is definitely gonna be a dime when she's older. (Rack in development)
"Did you see his little sister?"
"Yeah, she's a total RID."
by hunwilbah August 28, 2017
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acronym for "racial identification disorder". When a person identifies and acts like a race they aren't.
if a white girl speaks with a mexican accent and dresses like a chica, she has RID.
by laquanda123 May 07, 2009
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A fairly knowledgeable RuneScape player, now seen mostly on FunOrb and mainly on Arcanists 14.
I just versed Rid in a team game on Arcanists.
by Lambent0 January 22, 2011
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diarhea, runs or trots. Your body is getting rid of shit.
"I've had to change my underwear three times today due to rids".
by Matthew Burk January 25, 2005
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A product from Pfizer, used to remove crabs from your pubic area.
I went and bought some of that Rid to shampoo them crabs outta my shit.
by Bill February 14, 2004
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