1.-Chica = girl
2.-Chica = small, little
3.-Chica = young
1.- Donde esta la chica?
Where is the girl?
2.-Esta blusa es muy chica
This blouse is very small
3.-La niña es muy chica
The girl is too young
by gab January 17, 2005
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Spanish word:
a)noun that means "girl"
(even though English speaking people think it's used to call a hot chick, its meaning has no connotations, so it can be used both for pretty or ugly girls)

b)adjective that means "small", "little"
(the male use is "chico")
a)Esta noche salgo con las chicas.
(Tonight I'm going out with the girls)
Ella es una chica y el es un chico.
(She's a girl and he's a boy)

b)Esa remera es demasiado chica, cambiala.
(that t-shirt is too small, change it.
by Melfistofeles December 28, 2005
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An animatronic in FNAF that is the only girl(except for Toy Chica and Mangle)

A Spanish Chick
1. Shoot. Chica killed me.
2. Damn! Look at that chica!
by Pancake Satan July 14, 2018
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Take a look at that chica. Damn those latinas are fine.
by JeSsIcA June 5, 2003
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"Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn i want that sexy chica's ghetto booty, and tanned body against my LD!"
by ILoveRicanBooty September 19, 2003
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A chick with whom one cannot have a conversation and only look at her eyes. (The eyes being distracted in a positive way by either a facial feature or physical feature of the chica in order for this definition to hold true)
Jessica Alba is a hot chica
by __BLAZE__ May 22, 2007
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