A game by Jagex, creators of RuneScape, which was shut down in August 2018.

There is a fan remake of the game called ArcMages discord.gg/We56ksc
I miss pwning noobs in Arcanists... But I can do it again in the new ArcMages game!
by Aesthero September 20, 2019
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A game by Jagex, creators of RuneScape. Favorite hobby of people who love to watch others with crappy tempers flame when they lose. Moderators are always present, so it's even more fun to watch them get muted. The game itself is just a side-show. Did I mention that Arcane Flash is the best spell? Great way to tick off any idiot out there who has anger management problems.

Game theme derived from the all-famous Gunbound. Browser-based MMO strategy game; may be played fullscreen.
I pwnz0r3d Some B. Ody in Arcanists. He landed in the water and cussed me out. Nobody ever saw him on Arcanists again.
by Rexenez May 29, 2008
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Arcanists is a game on FunOrb. It is a great game, however is usually spoilt by pre-teen idiots that are either gaming nerds or arrogant fools who are so full of themselves. The other group of players are okay.

However, okay players or not, this game is dominated by players who don't know how to report people (I got reported for saying Wtf in the offensive language category, and I asked what is your RuneScape account's combat level, and I got reported in the account sharing/trading category)

In the game, Arcanists, you can use your RuneScape account to play. You can be free-to-play and play unrated games or you can be member, play rated games and gain your rating. It is a good game, but stay away from the multiplayer lobby.
"When playing Arcanists, stay away from the multiplayer Lobby, which is full of spammers and players who don't know how to report abuse properly." - Word of advice from a wise old Arcanists player.
by igorbalnozan August 23, 2008
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That dickhole just arcane flashed me, I'm going to go kill myself, fuck arcanists
by Ranamuse May 10, 2008
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The best game in the history of funorb, its a RTS (real time strategy) based game where you get spells and all of that.
It was created by Jagexx and it annihilates Runescape by 500 fold, and Runescape is now losing much of its players to the game that're switching to funorb, which costs less, meaning Jagexx will be losing money.
person: Hey lets go play some arcanist!
person1: Yea dude! Thats the best RTS ever!
person: hell yea it is!!!
by t0m f4l23y May 09, 2008
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A game made by Jagex LTD in Java, completely remade by pur3 extreme and is playable at arcanists.online!
1v1 me Arcanists, bro.
by oldm8clint December 31, 2020
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