Putin is any leftover biological material stuck to a sex toy; usually fecal matter. Putin is differentiated from Santorum in that Putin is on the device, or dildo, (usually a phallus like object made of plastic, latex, glass or wood) specifically.
Former Senator Rick Santorum has been unable to remove the thick, multiple layers of Putin from his gigantic dildo no matter how hard he scrubs.
by Lilly Von Schtupp August 8, 2013
The fuckwit who is ruining the economy and gas prices because he is angry at Ukraine for having land
Zelensky: Hey wassup Putin?
by I_like_green July 15, 2022
Vladimir Putin — the botox-pumped balding ex-KGB dwarf, who started out his post-Soviet career by laundering stolen Saint Petersburg city treasury funds (just search SPAG and case №144128) and racketeering casinos. As of the year 2000 he became a "president", covering crime bosses, oligarchs and corrupt government officials working together to build tasteless mansions, buy private yachts and property all over the world, as well as making sure that non-corrupt officials, journalists and cops would put up or shut up (those who didn't, got imprisoned or happened to accidentally slip in the shower or get shot/poisoned/stabbed). For 20 years has been winning "elections" and comparing penises and military budget sizes with the US instead of investing money in making healthcare and education suck less.
There's quite a bunch of things in this world that stay the same, no matter how much the conditions change: such as speed of light, gravitational acceleration, mass of basic chemical elements and Putin being a president.
by Admiral_Bongo October 28, 2020
A Penis so small that during intercourse the recieving party cannot tell if it's been Put In.

The aggression an owner of a Putin displays is multiplied by a factor of 1 for every inch under 6ft in height. (Example: 5ft 1in = Aggression X 10)
"I was wondering what was taking so long, but it turned out he had a Putin."

"Vlad is upset he has a Putin, so he decided to invade Ukraine."
by Scruffy McGruffy February 27, 2022
Russian leader, former KGB agent who would become Tsar or Dictator if he could, but doesn't have to since the people and government let him do what he wants. Often opposes the USA but not too much so as to still keep a "friendship." Has also been taking the Chechens to the woodshed in their revolt.
"Vladimir Putin is a great Russian leader!" - Russian people

"Vladimir Putin is a tyrant and a monster!" - Chechen people

"Vladimir Putin has a funny last name!" - American middle school students
by aat1179 August 8, 2004
Verb- The foreign invasion on one's home
Adj- Characterized by a tendency to invades one's home
"The Russians are about to Putin the Ukrainians."
"That damn Putin rat invaded our home."
by Wobbert Wiggs March 28, 2014
Noun, a guy who, if you believe "the news", is either All-Powerful or All-Stoopid, both loves and hates America at the same time, Is so clever that he's responsible for the death of every random kitten and grandma on earth, and so stupid that he won't roll-over for Imperialist-Atlanticists like every other post-soviet republic. Both was and was not "head of the KGB." Both is and is not Yeltsins bestist-bud. Is at the same time loved and hated by every Russian. Is somehow the boss of every hacker/doxxer/troll on the planet. Is Trumps lover, despite Trump massively increasing sanctions. ACTUALLY fights ISIS.
Whhhagh!! Mummy!!? The Putin ate my puppy...!
by voshkod September 15, 2021