First, Chechens aren't even Chechen (they are Nohchi, or sons of Noah); they speak a unique language- Nohchi Mott; they are Muslim; they are more entrepreneurial than Donald Trump and tougher than a hung over hockey team. More importantly they have kept their national identity intact. Chechen loyalties are to one of the more than 100 teips, or clans, that constitute Chechen society, not to the fat-bottomed thieves in the Kremlin. Think of teips as similar to the city states of Athens. Warring in peacetime, peaceful in war. Left to their own devices and sitting on the nexus of the east and west, the Chechens thought and acted just like the lone wolf that has become their national symbol.
The Russians considered the Chechens the toughest, baddest people in the former Soviet Union.
by Abu Bakar June 18, 2010
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The Chechens are an ethnic group indigenous to the North Caucasus (which is located within the Russian Federation). They are mostly Sunni Muslim and bilingual in the Russian and Chechen languages.
Since the 1990s a large number of Chechens have been seeking independence from the Russian Federation, often by violent means. This has led to widespread anti-Chechen sentiment among ethnic Russians.
The Chechen population:
Chechnya - 1,050,000
Dagestan - 115,000
Ingushetia - 103,000
rest of the Russian Federation - 300,000
by globetrotter2011 March 23, 2011
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The Chechen mafia is one of the largest organized crime groups operating in the former Soviet Union next to established Russian mafia gangs, which originally consisted of criminals of Chechen ethnicity who later also tried to recruit former Russian special military forces, police and army officers. It has substantially decreased its presence in Moscow by 1994 after Slavic mafia groups united against their Chechen counterpart, with assistance from Russian police and the FSB (the former KGB). As it happened most of Chechen gang members returned to Chechnya and joined the rising Chechen separatist movement.
The Chechen mafia is often referenced to as the "Russian mafia" in Europe, because most people of Chechen ethnicity speak Russian and many immigrated from the Russian Federation during the wars.
by Dancing with Fire June 25, 2011
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The most unfortunate happening of going down on a Russian Woman and suffocating in pubes.
Troy : I don't what the hell a Khabib is, but be careful of Chechen Chokeouts when you get that mail order bride.
by zyklonbjorn April 09, 2021
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Sucking flatulence(fart) into your mouth from another's rectum and then blowing it into their face or the face of another.
Lance bend over and farted right in Aaron's face so Aaron sucked it in and gave Lance a Chechen Balloon
Beverly farted while Adam was licking her ass so Adam gave her a Chechen Balloon and blew it right back in her face.
Mr. Combs bent down and sucked a huge fart out of Mr. French's rear and then walked up to Mr. Reed and gave him a Chechen Balloon right in the face.
by A.C. Brushy December 05, 2009
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When nearing completion of "69", the woman shall the sit up covering your face. Then with said woman sitting up you take your penis and bend it down as tho charging a catapult. When you are about to cum you let go of your penis in which it then flings cum onto said woman. The target would be her face. Your face is safe from all casualty due to her sitting on your face.
"hey man i banging your mom last night, then finished with a Chechen catapult.
by GOTfan69 May 28, 2013
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