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The speed that light travels (if it doesn't say in what medium, then it implies the speed that light travels *in vacuum*) Light travels at 2.99792458E8m/s, or approximated to 3.0E8m/s, in vacuum. Due to the lazy nature of physicists, this number is commonly denoted as a constant c in calculations. The Theory of Relativity predicted that no moving object in the universe has a speed that exceeds c. Therefore, if you hear something is traveling faster than the speed of light, it's non sense.
A light-year is the distance that light can travel in a year. The speed of light is about 3.0E8m/s, and a year has 3.1536E7 seconds. Therefore, a light-year is about 9.46E15 meters.
by the guy July 25, 2004
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MAN: Did that chick just dodge that punch in the speed of light?
MAN1: I'm afraid so.
by Miss. AnonymousPuns September 30, 2017
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the speed that light travels, nothing can go the speed of light except light. during a conversation my friend were having, if something on land traveled the speed of light (like a MAC Cannon, the bullets mass would become so dense, it wouldn't move. If fired in the Vacuum of space, it would create a black hole in itself, pulling whatever came near it and porbably blowing it up.
dude, that can't happen, nothing can go that fast
by Mustache Man February 28, 2005
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