The speed that light travels (if it doesn't say in what medium, then it implies the speed that light travels *in vacuum*) Light travels at 2.99792458E8m/s, or approximated to 3.0E8m/s, in vacuum. Due to the lazy nature of physicists, this number is commonly denoted as a constant c in calculations. The Theory of Relativity predicted that no moving object in the universe has a speed that exceeds c. Therefore, if you hear something is traveling faster than the speed of light, it's non sense.
A light-year is the distance that light can travel in a year. The speed of light is about 3.0E8m/s, and a year has 3.1536E7 seconds. Therefore, a light-year is about 9.46E15 meters.
by the guy July 25, 2004
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the speed that light travels, nothing can go the speed of light except light. during a conversation my friend were having, if something on land traveled the speed of light (like a MAC Cannon, the bullets mass would become so dense, it wouldn't move. If fired in the Vacuum of space, it would create a black hole in itself, pulling whatever came near it and porbably blowing it up.
dude, that can't happen, nothing can go that fast
by Mustache Man February 28, 2005
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the speed of light or sometimes refered to as light speed

its how fast light goes, idiot

jk, jk
bro how fast did i just go, oh wait you didn't see me cuz i was going the speed of light
by RandomAnvil December 23, 2020
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Speed of Light Fart:

A fart which starts to smell a few seconds before it is heard. A speed of light fart behaves much like thunder and lightning. A person capable of a speed of light fart can quickly exit a room before it is heard and thus leave the blame to another person.
The other day I was in the elevator with another person when I started to smell something terrible. A moment later and that person left and just after the door closed I heard a loud fart noise which I did not make. I then realized that the other person had speed of light farted.
by Hulk19 August 07, 2017
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Time it takes for simps to DM Pokimane.
Girl 1:Girl, he messaged me back at the speed of light!
Girl 2: Girl, he just desperate.
by QuiteSeriousDefinitions August 08, 2021
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Light travels at approximately 3x10^8 m/s in a vacuum as it has a mass of 0.
However, in recent years scientists have discovered that Jake Gibson is the only entity capable of surpassing such speed. Therefore, the speed of light is equal to approximately 0.0000001 Gibsons per second.
The speed of light is approximately 0.0000001 Gibsons per second
by S3arch March 29, 2021
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