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A name that you use on the Internet if for any reason you dont want to reveal your true identity.

Fake intellectuals always accuse you of being ISIS if you dont use your real name. The dont realise a psuedonym protects you from scams and people who want to track you down to cause you harm.

In fact, only pseudo-intellectuals use the term pseudonym, everyone else uses an informal term like tag, handle, or username.

Some forums have even gone so far as banning people for using "pseudonyms".
A pseudonym is essential for net safety as a good VPN and firewall.

ISIS members and other criminals who use a pseudonym rarely appear on the surface web because its so dangerous for them there.
by Goth Doll August 13, 2017
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noun: false name used-
1. as a stage name for entertainers,
2. conceal the identity of someone,
3. piss off a person temporarily in charge, i.e. substitute teacher.
1. Ringo Starr is the pseudonym used by Richard Starkey, famous drummer and member of The Beatles.
2. The FBI operative who gave information to Woodward and Bernstein concerning the Watergate break-in was known as "Deep Throat" to hide his true identity.
3. Some of my favorite pseudonyms used to upset substitute teachers are Chuck U. Farley, Dick Hertz, Mike Hunt, Mike Ockisore, Harry Pomms, Mike Rotchitchez, and Harry Bolles.
by earpuller September 22, 2005
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A false name used to hide an author's identity.

A pseudonym could not be used in a prank call. That would not authoring anything.
My pseudonym on is Rodney Basil.

Edward Stratemeyer used the pseudonym Carolyn Keane to write the Nacy Drew series.

I did not use a pseudonym when I told Mr. Diputs that my name was Anita Life, because I said that to his face.
by Rodney Basil April 30, 2004
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·A word you think only means username thanks to Urban Dictionary(it's not far off from the truth or part of it)
· A nickname commonly used by authors(like a pen name) to hide ones true identity
· Enter pseudonym here
· Dr. Seuss uses a pseudonym
by Scuffed Dictionary March 18, 2017
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Something that Urban Dictionary asks you for when you publish a word to the site. Something that the average human being would not know the definition to.
Your pseudonym: ____________
by imwideawake August 16, 2012
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