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Food or other matter that has been previously consumed and brought back up through the asophogus in such a way that it can be eaten again.
"Wow, that cheesburger that you ate sure tastes good!"
by Freak Obscene April 25, 2004
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The single best place to steal sporks from.
Lets go get some sporks from Taco Bell. Maybe we can even pick up a strange disease from the food while were there!
by Freak Obscene May 1, 2004
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A skateboarding trick in which the board flips and spins at the same time. Widely infamous because it doesn't 'look cool'.
Skateboarder: -does a varial kickflip-
'Image' Skateboarder: "That looked so retarded. Loser poser."
by Freak Obscene April 26, 2004
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An ugly ass rapper who gets his money by being MTV's little ass-boy.
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by Freak Obscene April 25, 2004
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Yahoo Instant Messenger.
A fairly decent IM, good uptime. Overall- better than AIM.
asshat- "Hey wotz ur yim//? wanna cyber?/ lololloz1!!2"
by Freak Obscene April 25, 2004
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