Aww, that's cute. Congradulations, you can make up little half-assed definitions about somebody who makes definitions on a website.

Oh, and I'm honored that I'm #11 on the list of the worst things you could call someone. Actually, Freak Obscene would make absolutely no sence to call somebody. Freak would, and obscene would MAYBE, but put the two together, and really, you have nothing.

And, I'm even more honored to be made into a definition. Now isn't that special. Now, could you tell me, is Freak Obscene a noun, verb, adjective? Hmm? Or all three? I would certainly be happy if an ACTUAL DEFINITION of my pseudonym to be posted, instead of a bunch of blabbering made by two people who obviously have nothing better to do with their lives than attempt to insult a person who could, at any time, just start using a different pseudonym. Actually, it would be quite okay for me to do that, considering that I have very few definitions under this name.

Furthermore, I haven't ever seen nor talked to Psyco Bitch or whatever his/her name is. Sure, I have heard of them, and from what I've seen, I'm almost positive that I wouldn't team up with her.
In a summary: Know what the fuck you're talking about before you run your mouth about shit, mmkay?
by Freak Obscene June 24, 2004
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I have to clap to you. The more you add on, the more you only prove my point. Kudos to you, pussy! And, if you don't like me so much, why the fuck do you keep responding back? Are you just so lonely, the closest human contact you can have is with someone thousands of miles away from you that you've never even seen the face of or even like? Are you that sad? Aw, it's a shame. But I'm done with you now. You're nothing. No, less than nothing. To waste typing on you would be calling you something, which your not.
Ah, Freak Obscene. You're like a pile of dog shit on the ground. You acknowledge it, try to forget the displeasure of it, walk over it, and move on. I'm walking over you and moving on. You're too much of a pussy-whip bitch to spend any more time responding back to your idiocy.
by G-Union July 08, 2004
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