someone who really just seems like they dont like you but yet they go out with you anyway. And every day you'll get so scared that you'll loose them even though you love them but you can't fully commit to them or anyone else just in case they don't feel the same way as you.
i really dont know how to love you (someones name)
by Jodycodylodybody December 6, 2020
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1. A polite greeting used to show enthusiasm.
2. Using someones full name can be used to attract someone's attention or to clarify who you are talking to.
3. Using someone's full name if often, soon, followed by an "eee".

Pioneered by a K.Dubbs using someones full name has developed into a formal greeting whithin a smalll group of Virginian friends.
Saying someone's full name

Pokahantas: John Smith i like your steez. Eee.

John Smith: Pokahantas when you can kickflip oldschool stairs first try then you can talk to me.
by Tim Hall May 10, 2007
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On September 3rd you need to ask out someone named lya that goes by chrollo
Me: chrollo look at this. It’s September 3rd tomorrow:D

Chrollo: did you make this just to ask me out 🧍🏽 ♀️

Me: yes

September 3rd ask someone named chrollo/lya out day
by Big seashells September 2, 2021
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What you say when someone on urban dictionary is posting under the same name as you.
why would i (the real Ka) post things like that?!
by Ka August 17, 2004
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Someone with the name Satin.
Satin. Someone named satin and often called fabric by his/her friends and family
by November 15, 2021
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it is you who is someone that is named someone and that is actually your friend who is you.
someone named someone
by You is actualy me who is niga November 24, 2019
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