a person engaged in one of the learned professions
Person A: That Brett Hodgson guy..what do you think of him?
Person B: Hes an absolute professional!
by talulah91 September 16, 2009
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An individual who is extremely good at something, who performs a job better than the average person.
Donald Trump is an asshole. Pat, on the other hand, is a PROFESSIONAL asshole. He is the type of person to waive a homeless person to his car while holding up money, and then drive away laughing.
by that homeless guy December 07, 2017
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A woman with no morals; also considered as a slutish female that many males have been acquainted with.
"In Dade County they call'em 'ANIMALS'
In Savannah they call'em 'PROFESSIONALS'
~by the late Camoflage
by creammy_3 December 19, 2003
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Dude, we were so professional last night! Jimmy was so professional, he was sportin a tie!
by Mr. Gravy 46&2 May 02, 2011
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When a woman decides to pair slutty clothes with a vest or an animal print to make her outfit "professional"
Brittany thinks she looks professional with her animal print prostiboots and vest.
by Angela Parra-Samra March 03, 2009
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They have standards...
Mr Mundee: Professionals, have standards, Be polite, Be efficient, have to a plan to kill everyone you meet.
via giphy
by SirCheeseEater! June 19, 2020
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