A bald head to lie your feet on when you are relaxing at home. It is much more comfortable than an actual footstool. The bald head ideally should be waxed or completely shaved so that it does not tickle or scratch feet. Some people also call this a baldy.
I wish I had my own human footstool or baldy instead of having to use this harder footstool from the store.
by Anna Isabella November 3, 2006
Very recently it has become a new slang word for the bald head of a man that women (usually a spouse or girlfriend) use to rest their feet on while watching tv or just lounging. It is actually very therapeutic.
Last night I rested my feet and painted my toenails on Alberto's smooth footstool while he was watching the game.
by Valinda November 2, 2006
To completely and totally destroy something or someone. Taken from the biblical "...until I make your enemies a footstool for your feet."
Lot: Hey, did you hear about Gomorrah?

Howard: Yeah, God totally footstooled those chumps.
by capnwacky November 10, 2008
A turd that is roughly 12 inches in length. Usually curved in nature and found sticking out of the toilet water.
Holy shit! Someone left a footstool in the toilet!
by Steve-o-roni December 17, 2006
The woman you are using to score points with the woman you want to fuck is the 'footstool.'
Drew: Eric that girl you are hanging out with is seriously nasty.

Eric: Dude, she is just a footstool. I am using her to get to her friend.

Drew: Damn, you're right, her friend isn't too bad at all. Well as long as that is all it is I approve.
by Rico Suave and Brody Epic April 16, 2007
SSBB, the act of stepping on an opponent's head so as to force them downwards without actually spiking them.
Lucas totally footstooled your ass right there man.
by Superflav March 2, 2009