The act or instance of being super cute or "in charge". It is meant to be a compliment given from a guy to a girl when that girl looks as if she tried to look extra beautiful today. I.e. curling/straightening their hair or putting on different make-up.
Excuse me, Miss, I was wondering where I could apply for a job here.
-I don't work here
oh, I'm sorry, you were just sitting there looking so professional.
by Daniel Tiger September 06, 2014
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As a professional with integrity, I think you should be more objective and less subjective.
by Nuk_ January 28, 2017
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some dumb ass who sticks a fork or a pair of eyebrow clippers into a electrical outlet.
"Don't worry, I'm a professional"
by MissBoo May 23, 2010
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One who drinks excessive amounts of alcohol, way beyond any alcoholic.

A person who drink more than $100 dollars of alcohol a night by oneself at the clubhouse (By the way, its BYOB).
One who sees a keg as not enough to suffice, instead they order, directly from the brewery, 55 gallon drums at a time.

A man who drinks so much, it would seem that he has a fucking federal grant for drinking.

One who plays beer pong as a sport with strippers consistently, I know you wanna hit me up.
We are NOT, alcoholics, we..and my hat is off, are professionals.

We are professionals. We are so good at our sport that they might as well call us the mother fucking Yankees.
by Fred and Jonathan August 28, 2009
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Anglo-saxon person paid top salary possible for a job regardless of their skill, and/or person employed by one or more anglo-saxons in that fashion.
"I am a professional"
"No, you're a lackey of the military industrial complex and nothing but a footstool in life".
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A drink derived of two simple ingredients. Mountain Dew slurpy, and everclear (a very strong liquer, usually need only 2 or 3 shots). Mix together and you have yourself a professional. It does the job like a professional the Mountain Dew slurppy masks this powerfull liquer and before you know it, your A-OK, good 2 go!
I want to get real fucked up tonight. Im thinking about heading over to 7-11 picking up a dew slurppy and making myself a professional.
by Mike J Smith June 07, 2007
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