Gabrielle is a name for usually a girl who is extremely strong and elegant. Gabrielle is absolutely stunning and her looks are breath taking. Gabrielle's usually have really good hair, eyes, nose, lips, and body. Not just looks but Gabrielle also is very intelligent with almost a genius IQ. Gabrielle has impeccable taste and is a trend setter for the world. Gabrielle may come off as quiet and shy but you definitely want to get to know her and when you do she will be the best thing that has ever happened to you. She is the light in our world and has a good heart. Gabrielle is also a complete savage and won't put up with anyones crap. Don't mess with Gabrielle or you'll regret it.... Gabrielle is the electricity and is silly. You will instantly fall deeply in love with her. And if she loves you back she will love you back hard. Gabrielle has a VERY deep love and gives it her all. Gabrielle is like coming up for air after drowning. she is too good to be put into words. Gabrielle is very unique and isn't like any other girl in the world. Gabrielle is very fun and will always make you feel young. She is very adventurous and dangerous..... in a good way. Never underestimate Gabrielle. She is the most awesome, loving, beautiful, wonderful, amazing, fun, silly, funny, and perfect girl in the world. If you think you have met a perfect girl wait until you meet Gabrielle.
Woah did you see Gabrielle she is stunning and made me laugh so hard.
by NEWYORKTIMES September 1, 2017
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A name of an amazing quiet girl who is broken and strong, but TEACHERS ALWAYS PRONOUNCE HER NAME WRONG!!
Teacher: Gabriel
Me: it’s GabrielLE...
by Gabz October 17, 2019
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Gabrielle is one of the best girls you will ever meet. She is beautiful, funny, oftenly born with brown hair, shy, and dirty minded! If you ever have a chance to date this girl, you best be extremely careful because every Gabrielle has atleast one friend who will kick your ass if you hurt her!
Ex bf: Pfft! come on Gabrielle, your so childish!
by YOLOHarryStyles May 21, 2014
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Gabrielle is an amazing girl, she always knows when to say the right thing. Although she doesn't always see it, she is extremely pretty and will be extremely popular in the near future. Now, a lot of people take advantage of Gabrielle because she might be a little more bubbly than some people. But Gabrielle will know exactly how to handle it! She is an expert with words. Gabrielle can make any situation fun and never makes things awkward. Gabrielle is the most caring, empathetic friend you could ever have!
Friend: Have u ever talked to Gabrielle?
Me: No why?
Friend: She's so nice like I think she should be way more popular!
by shortbrowngirl26 June 10, 2019
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Gabrielle is beautiful inside and out. She is a strong and wise woman who is always willing to help others in difficult circumstances. She shows empathy to others who face hardship. gabrielle is the life of the party, she knows how to have fun, but at the same time she knows when to be serious. She has a strong mindset, but also very fiery and can finish what she starts. Gabrielle is a talented young lady who attracts many good looking guys. she has a great, fun-loving and open personality and makes friends easily. When she loves, she loves with her whole heart and is faithful.
Gabrielle: WOMAN OF GOD
by Larryboy7 September 12, 2011
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The nicest girl you will ever meet. Very shy and reserved at school but very hyper at home. She has one amazing BFF and that’s all she needs. Gabrielle normally has brown hair and hazel eyes.
Wow Gabrielle is the nice girl on earth
by Hockeygirl102 March 1, 2019
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Can be a bitch, but is nice in serious times. Awkward in sad situations, but is funny and emotional, and cares deeply about her friends. Don't piss her off, she's vicious when angry, and will kick your ass. Generally has brown hair and brown eyes. She is good to talk to because she listens even when you think she isn't, and gives great advice, although she rarely listens to her own advice. May seem like an open book, but has a lot of secrets that she only tells her closest friends. She isn't very trusting, and can be shy at first. Once you get to know her, she becomes obnoxious, but in a lovable way. Trustworthy, and loyal, she is a great friend and will never betray you.
Who is that girl? She seems shy.

Oh, that's Gabrielle, she's actually pretty loud.
by lashtonlovechild January 23, 2015
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