one person's romantic pursuit of another, oftentimes not fueled by actual desire for a relationship
He is very romantic at first, but he is only interested in the chase.
by Racket Smasher July 28, 2007
The period before a relationship (or before a rejection) where a guy attempts to create the romantic bond. Involves much dating and confusion
I have been working on this girl for over 3 months. God the chase can be so strenuous.
by Jako Kot August 10, 2008
the period of time when you are trying to get someone to like you back by flirting and starting conversations
i only liked him during the chase because i wanted him to like me so bad but now that he does i don't like him anymore
by annoying hoe November 18, 2019
The chase refers to the act of when one person in a relationship treats another like shit and the other person comes back for more.
Jacob treated Jackie like shit and her gremlin told her to fuck the chase.
by naynaythegremlinyay!! February 17, 2010
A Scottish term.

To chat someone up in the hope of getting sex.
Guy 1 - "Plenty of fit girls at this party tonight"

Guy 2 - "Aye mate, you chasing it then?"

Guy 1 - "Of course"
by BigRab96 May 12, 2013
Chase is the most kind, sweet, caring, handsome, smart, loveable, wonderful guy you will ever meet. He is the best boyfriend and greatest friend. He does seem to get very jealous easily. Chase goes through a lot but never admits it until you have his full trust. He often feels insecure and no matter how many times you tell him how wonderful he is he still has a hard time believing it. He can be shy but he still has somewhat courage and confidence. He doesn't like to get into fights but if he has to he will protect you no matter what.
Friend: Omg Chase is so nice.
Me: I know and he's so handsome.
Friend: I know right?!
by WinnieThePoohLovesYou December 18, 2019
A guy who is amazing. A great friend to anyone. You can talk to him about anything. He's hilarious and goofy, in a good way. He'll do pretty much anything for someone he cares about. He will stick up for you and won't let anyone be mean to you. He will even offer to be your man of honor and wear a dress in your wedding (:
See this guy Chase, yeah, he's one of my best friends.
by hds (: April 15, 2011