Meant to describe someone who pisses you off, someone who is part prick and part douche bag. Used in a fit of anger.
"Inde, sometimes you really piss me off. Why do you have to be such a fuckbag!?!"
by Quaay July 04, 2004
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Apparatus applied over the head of an extremely ugly woman to ease emotional scaring after you bone her.
Dude, I had to break out a fuck bag cuz, da biznach was uglier than a bathtub full of assholes.
by Anonymous August 23, 2003
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a womans tits, generally large enough to tit fuck.
A girl who likes her tits slapped really hard
Look at the fuck bags on Amy, she's bigger than her mom!!
by Zack December 27, 2003
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Fag; loser; idiot; gayass; dumbass, etc.(insultive name)
"Hey, Kid! Give me some gum!"
"no fuckbag! find ur own!"
by Kelly November 05, 2004
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