Yea Jon, he's a fuckbag.
by Noah February 22, 2005
Just an insult ! no true meaning but its fun to say.
by DRTIE EDO September 12, 2008
A guy who takes his girl for granted and does not treat her like other guys would.
Denning: That guy is stealing the girl I want, he treats her like shit and she keeps going back to him

Aaron: That guy right there is a fuckbag, yes a bag of fuck
by *Tacular* November 7, 2010
An artificial vagina used in prison. Its made of lotion or vasciline in a plastic baggie wrapped in a washcloth. Used for jerking off.
I had a good jerk off last night in my fuckbag.
by thorshank May 10, 2015
1. Derogatroy name, can be used in place of asshole, douchebag, etc.
2. Whoever decided Quad residents can't sit on the front steps anymore.
1. "That fuckbag just cut me off!!!"
2. "I paid to live here fuckbag, don't tell me where to chill out"
by RTM_Rey November 15, 2005
Female version of wordfuckstick/word.
That Lonondasheequa is such a fuckbag.
by Juan Valdez December 20, 2002