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An odd elliptical-shaped slightly salty potato-based racing driver responsible for the ruining of a race by a crash or punt or unsafe track rejoin onto the racing line in front of traffic.
Tim you bloody pringle, check your mirrors and hold your brake until its safe to join next time mate.
Daniel you pringle give other cars space when going 2 wide in the chase.
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by Moose17m September 28, 2020

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An intentional strategic maneuver, predominantly found in racing where the driver attempts to gain as many positions in a race with a seemingly innocent accident but not so many positions that the driver in question has obviously attempted to gain an advantage with unsportsmanlike driving, Usually, between 2 to 5 vehicles the driver performs an accidental nudge, punt or shunt (making them a Pringle) causing the driver who has been hit to lose control or become inraged enough that they are a danger to the drivers ahead, Causing incidents further up the track that Driver 1 (The Daniel) can take advantage of, Driver 1 sits back and allows Driver 2 to take out the drivers ahead allowing Driver 1 to gain the positions.
Get a load of this guy, he just Danield 5th, 4th and 3rd in the chase and came out with a free podium...

Wow, Tim just Danieled 1st place, and now no one can catch him....
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by Moose17m October 22, 2020

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