Said by or to someone who has failed at something twice; used as a means for encouragement, expressing hope that things will work out on the third try.
Guy 1: Damn dude, I'm just trying to get phone numbers, but both of the girls I've hit on have thrown their drinks at me.
Guy 2: Well, third time's a charm, right? Now get back out there and leave me be.
by mikecws91 May 8, 2010
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If you're trying to do something, and twice it didn't work, you say, "Third time's the charm". This is a hopeful saying -- "it will work the third time!"

I'm trying to get something organised with a group of people and last week I said "third time's the charm". But it's still not working. And we're at five times now. So I offer this for those of us that need something to say when it gets to four times or more:

First time’s the promise

Second time’s a shrug
Third time’s the charm
Fourth time’s a boon
Fifth time’s a broken heart
Sixth time is doom.
Ha, foiled again! But third time's the charm.
by Anders@Wollongong December 18, 2018
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When you are trying something (activity, task, function) and you are not successful during the first two attempts, you make this comment to assure people that you will get it right the third time you attempt it.
I know that I haven't fixed your car with the first two repair jobs I did on it, but 'the third time's a charm'.
by ZippythePinhead August 19, 2011
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Something you should never say to Germany.
Seriously, dont tell him that third times the charm.
by buddy retard July 5, 2020
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This is when you are fingering a woman and when you pull out for finger you make her taste your finger, you then proceed to finger her, and pull your fingers out and make her taste it for a second time. On the third time when you stop fingering her and secretly put your fingers in your own butthole and make her taste it. It was third times a charm.
That girl didn’t even see it coming, I gave her the “third times a charm”.
by Beachers November 22, 2019
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