the first English team ever to field a starting XI featuring no English players.
Reporter: Why won't you play English players?
Arsene Wenger: Je ne sais pas.
by Jit February 18, 2005
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An English football team located in Highbury, moved from the Woolwich arsenal, hence the name. They are the first English football club to go an entire season without losing a game. During the seventies they were know as 'the boring arsenal', due to their highly defensive style of play, but now play attacking, entertaining football, and pass better than any other English team.
Can you pass like the Arse? Arsenal are THE OFFICIAL untouchables.
by t-mass August 15, 2006
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A NORTH london football team based in highbury (at time of writing).Better than a team called Tottenham Hotspur. Spurs are jealous cause we are better and have a better history. The only thing that makes them feel good about themselves is that they have been based in North London a few years longer than us. Losers.

Just look at their badge. We have a canon, united have a devil, Spurs have a prancing wet hen.
We love u Arsenal, we do
We love u Arsenal, we do
We love u Arsenal, we do
Oh arsenal we love you
by gunnersfan April 27, 2006
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Team who set the standards for how football should be played
by James Adams March 1, 2005
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the best club in at least north london and the uk and much better than spurs.
a team that would field a three year old if there was 1 in the squad.
a team that go a goal down then come back to beat manchester united 2-1.
a team that is so good they dont have to WIN anything.
arsenal are beating man united by 1 goal for the 84th time this season

arsenal are losing to man united by 1 goal for the 42nd time this season
by JHW Arsenal supporter April 22, 2007
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a collection of weapons e.g. guns ammo grenades or armor
by EthanThePro741636 June 26, 2021
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