4. A tentacled alien known for his acts of charity and good humor.
by kang March 18, 2003
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5.)A vote for very bad things, and unemployment, and hair boutiques for bourgeois super-smart mokeys who will take over the world, and monkey strip bars where baboons shake their blue asses to Guns and Roses.
by Anonymous March 18, 2003
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Japanese for Kody meaning a nice, caring, loyal, person, says off the wall stuff some times, he will make you laugh, and when your sad he'll pick you back up again.
Kodo is so nice
by KodySchnider June 25, 2015
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Kodo thorn when he gets pegged and fucked by Anna thong and Toni Gladstone in a gay orgy
Kodo just got Gladstoned, he’s a Gladstone now.
A kodo Gladstone is when someone participated in a scat orgy
by Kodo Gladstone January 13, 2023
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A humourous phrase uttered by Homer Simpson during an arguement with Marge after their planet has been overrun by aliens and all humans had been pressed into slavery. Homer is suggesting by this statement that the world would be a better place if the rest of the world had voted Kodos (another alien) into power. In truth if either alien had been voted into power the outcome would have been the same.
by Mishoni May 2, 2006
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A kickass ska band best known for their song "She Hates Ska."
Vocal and trombone - Rick
Saxophone - Nick
Ibanez Bass - Ross
Dynasty Mellophone & Guitar - Lee
Drums - Pearl

Name originates from the name of their friend's dog, Kodos, who they actually made win a high school election. I Voted For Kodos is what was written on stickers handed out after Kodos won.
"If I ever asked her to skank she probably think I called her one."
by Beedub April 21, 2004
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A 1 gram piece of chocolate inserted in a 50 year old Asian moms ass and then shat out on a chess board.
Person A: Why is my chess game covered in shit!
Person B: Sorry I had to rock a quick "Kodo thorn"
by FroFram October 13, 2023
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