Often, an American that is pro-business while being anti-worker - yet pro-family. Tends to portray great religiosity but only when threatened or bombed. Claims to believe in the sanctity of Life, but will bomb the fuck out of anything that moves. Also has a tendency to misinterpret any written document - especially the Bible. Believes that oil supplies will last forever.
Any current member of the Bush administration - except Condoleeza Rice. see (closeted) lesbian.
by Lord Heavyhandz July 6, 2005
(n)1. A individual who identifies theirself with and or supports the republican party.

(n)2. A individual who harbors conservative views or opinions on economic, political, and social issues.

(n)3. A term often used to classify someone whos overtly discriminatory towards a person(s) on the basis of race, gender, sexual orientation, creed, etc.
Yeah, I cant believe Jim still supports the war in Iraq, what a right winger!
by Damien E November 3, 2007
The right-winger had beat his wife after masturbating to Trumpist propaganda,
by WillemDafoeDoe April 24, 2019
A tendency among those on the right of the political spectrum, increasing with distance from the center, to have a visceral fear of law enforcement and other government agents violating their constitutional rights. This fear is unfounded because the police won't bother those who have it because they're white.
Chris got all right-winger scared at the border patrol checkpoint and started recording them, saying he wouldn't answer any questions. But they let him through because, you know...
by brynnn May 6, 2014