A person who is prepared, or striving to be prepared for incident, natural disaster, etc

A person actively preparing or being prepared for situations that may affect the stability of home, life, or financial situation.

Also known as survivalists, doomsday preppers (derogatory)
Jim and his wife have canned a lot of food this summer. They will be prepared this winter!

Carrie is a good prepper. She has a 72 hour bag for each of her family members.
by Neco-ji October 18, 2013
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Someone who can't wait for the end of the world, and 'prepares' for it by hoarding food, guns, ammunition, water purification tablets, paracord, rice, MRE, camouflage clothing, Walmart gift cards, and pretend Tea Party 'money' that they think will be worth something someday.

Often this fear/hope that society will end "any day now" is related to religious beliefs, distrust of a government they didn't vote for, and/or a shared delusion among their peers that only they are intelligent enough to "see the signs" of our collective impeding doom.

A strong paramilitary aspect usually goes with the Prepper lifestyle, even though most of them couldn't run a mile to save their own lives, never mind carrying some of the heaviest items possible on their backs; batteries, water, bullets, and gold.

Up to this point, 100% of "preppers" have been wrong so far, a trend likely to continue for a very long time.

It has been theorized that in the unlikely event of an actual catastrophe large enough to actually destroy society, that Preppers would be the first to be 'pushed out' by a new society, since honestly, who wants a bunch of ignorant aggressive selfish loudmouth jerkoffs around when it's time for everyone to put aside their differences and rebuild a new society?
Steve: "Did you see that guy buying all those shovels and batteries? What's up with that?"

Jay: "Yeah... he's a Prepper. He thinks he will be the only one to survive whatever race war or zombie attack his church or Alex Jones predicted."
by beargod January 11, 2013
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Dressing preppy and having a preppy attitude, can be prude
Sister: Hey Emma you're such a prepper
Emma: no I'm not!
Sister: yes you are, you bought an $80 Vinyard Vines shirt button down shirt and only wear Sperry's
by heyyyyz January 23, 2015
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Someone who focuses on preparedness, generally for various worst-case scenarios like peak oil or armageddon. Sometimes used to avoid the more loaded term survivalist.
Some preppers focus on guns, others on sustainable agriculture.
by NYVillager March 29, 2008
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a person who believes a catastrophic disaster or emergency is likely to occur in the future and makes active preparations for it, typically by stockpiling food, ammunition, and other supplies.
There's no agreement among preppers about what disaster is most imminent.
by kaosmoker June 27, 2021
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Obviously, the word stems from the root word, prepare. It seems to me, a prepper could be basically anyone who likes or tries to be prepared for all contingencies, but seems to particularly imply preparedness for either small and large disaster scenarios.

(This word is NOT to be confused with the word, preppy, which has quite a different meaning.)
I was never really a preppy (even though I went to a prep school), but now I'm preparing to become a prepper, since these 2016 elections are putting the shit so close to the fan!

Not all preppers are the fanatics that are described or implied by some definitions. If you live in a place like California, especially if you live on a major fault line like I do, you really need to be a prepper; because when you run out of potable water, I'm not sharing mine with you! :p
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To make someone and/or their wardrobe more preppy by:
(1) Buying them wear preppy/colorful clothing (e.g. polo shirts and pink skirts)
(2) Forcing them to play golf and/or tennis
(3) Making them wear their hair in a certain way
et cetera.
Also called "colorizing" when someone has proper preppy clothing but in colors that aren't so bright that they draw attention from everyone in the room, and you buy them/make them wear that sort of colored clothing.
Susan's grandmother always tries to prepperize her whenever she visits! She doesn't see that it's a hopeless cause..
by anonymousousous April 23, 2007
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