people who go to prep school and think they are the shit b/c of it. basically people who think they are the greatest thing on the planet b/c they can afford prep and they are sooo "rich".

instead of appreciating the easiness and the bright sides of prep school (cuz we all know prep is better than public) such as easy teachers and no-cut sport teams, they go for the whole "we are soooo cool cuz were sooo rich" image.

some even go as far as having hotel partys for the stupidest things, like making it on to the volleyball team, except the catch is EVERYONE MAKES THE TEAM. and on top of that, they dont even appreciate those things they can afford.
omg...so my dad had to get me bentley b/c i crashed my mazaratti. arent we preppers amazing??
by ihatepreppers November 06, 2009
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