when there's a point reached with an opinion or when two people don't agree on a subject
you don't like Donald trump ? okay we just hit a fault line
by tatianas_lost December 27, 2016
Reference from "The Outsider" by "A Perfect Circle". In the game of racquetball, the inside line of the serving box is often refered to as the fault line. Significantly, a model serve will have the foot of the server connecting with but not overstepping the fault line which would result in a foot fault. Metaphorically then, instead of crossing a boundry in an act of uncontrolled aggression, hold your passions back just enough to stay in the game while remaining competitive.
Crying to yourself again,
Suicidal imbecile
Think about it,
put it on the fault line
by Adam Bailey June 7, 2007
Used in the lyrics in the song called The Outsider from A Perfect Circle. Deal with a problem or fault without do something drastic. Cope with it and move on. To be aware of a problem that can not be fixed but tuck away deep inside yourself, a place like the intersection of a geologic fault with the surface of the earth or other plane of reference.
Crying to yourself again,
Suicidal imbecile
Think about it, and put it on a faultline
by John Hopper April 13, 2005
The original definition of fault line (from which the slang terms are derived) is basically an underground crack in the earth's tectonic plates. It is along these lines where earthquakes most frequently occur and with the greatest impact. Fault lines may also be referred to as earthquake faults.

I know this is supposed to be a slang dictionary, but I think that understanding the origin of this word gives greater meaning to the slang terminology.
The 1906 earthquake was in a way far more devastating in Santa Rosa, California than in San Francisco. Both cities are located along the same fault line, the San Andreas fault, but the epicenter was closer to Santa Rosa, where the shaking was much stronger. The reason so many died in San Francisco was due to the fires that started and not as a direct result of the motion of the quake itself.
Refering to the effect of when you pull your pants up so high that the inprint of you butt crack becomes visable.
Damn man that girl needs to pull those booty shorts down yo, she has a major fault line going on!

Exp. 2.
Damn nigga that girl wearin a thin ass dress and a thong, and when she get up she always got a huge ass fault line runnin up her ass!
by clay wells August 1, 2008
1. (n) An ass crack that is extremely large, usually present on overweight women.

2. (n) When a woman's ass crack is larger then one's arm.

Sometimes abbreviated to just fault line.
that chick has the biggest rectal fault line I have ever seen.
by Speedo_spink August 14, 2006
The San Andreas Fault Line is a sexual maneuver where a male spreads his partner's buttcheeks and proceeds to defecate in his partner's spread buttcrack. Once he has finished, he then presses his partners's buttcheeks together. He then proceeds to shake his partner's butt in any way he can, which can include but is not limited to shaking or slapping. While he is doing this, he is screaming "EARTHQUAKE". After he is finished, he calculates how much feces escaped the buttcrack during the earthquake and gives it a rating on the Richter Scale.
"When my girlfriend said we should go to California to see the San Andreas Fault Line, I didn't expect an earthquake THAT big."
by MuhProphecy January 8, 2014