I don't know, but he sure doesn't like them putting chemicals in the water that turn the frickin frogs gay.

He also sells wacky supplements like SUPER MALE VITALITY and BRAIN FORCE PLUS.
Alex Jones: 'Won't you fight for your life?!'
by ThickCookingOilDrinker June 21, 2021
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A Chad Alpha male who exposes the Global Elitists, And who doesn't like em' putting putting chemicals in the water, that turn the flricking frogs gay!
Alex Jones:"I'm a Human, And I'm COMIN'"
by RandomNerdyGuy June 23, 2021
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Alex Jones, also known as the fatter David Icke, and the antimatter to Rush Limbaugh, is a "paleoconservative" (read: paranoid conspiracy theorist) and libertarian intellectual from Texas (well that explains it) who believes that the United States is being run by the Worldwide Masonic Conspiracy. He can prove all his theories are true; he merely chooses not to.
Alex Jones: "If you disagree with me, it is merely because you have consumed fluoride. Everybody that disagrees with me is a brainwashed sheeple."

Person: "Why so batshit?"
by mustardtiger001 January 27, 2012
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A slang word for Mutt, also known as dog. Used as an offensive word as it is a low form of social status.
"He licked some chicks shoulder, what an alex jones!"
by jacetheace3 September 15, 2009
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Alex Jones is welsh slang for an angry person who breaks objects belonging to others. Others describe this being as having an unusual or 'funny' looking face. The description is mainly used by welsh people but has also been adapted by a few english communities. It may also describe someone who is a combination of a lot of negative things such as being angry, funny looking and unhumourous.
Guy1: Wow that guy is horrible, plus he has a funny face
Guy2: haaa yeah typical example of an Alex Jones
by solongbabycakes June 1, 2010
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Alex Jones is the American journalist who created the infowars media company. He is know for delivering an uncensored, unfiltered dose of testosterone widely misunderstood by the mainstream. Sheeple have reported trauma, self doubt and man-bun remorse after hearing his broadcasts. this is a common reaction to hearing the truth after a lifetime of communist subversion and brainwashing.
“Why did they kick Alex Jones off YouTube?”
“Because he hurts their narrative by dropping truth bombs
by Dr.Roostertail November 27, 2020
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An angry tomato who somehow found his way onto a stage and was given a tv show and host of infowars, Alex Jones is known for believing frogs are gay because of chemicals (spoiler alert they were always gay), shouting at grieving parents, being unable to grasp simple concepts like empathy, and for making ads for anything and everything toxic masculinity
I just found out Steve watches infowars, no wonder he’s turning into an angry tomato like Alex Jones.
by Blob the bi frog god December 3, 2022
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