susan is a great person, but doesn't always know it. susans are caring and intelligent, but never see the beauty in themselves. she knows it's there, but sometimes needs a little encouragement to see it. they are often ambitious, and sometimes get themselves in a little over their heads. if she does, help her out! once you have proven yourself trustworthy, susan will be your most loyal friend. but watch out! cross her and you'll have hell to pay.

her guy friends all love her like a little sister, and they're like big brothers to her, but there's one in the crowd who's more special than the rest. if you are that person, you are one lucky guy. susan will devote everything to you. at first she can seem overwhelming, but don't be put off! she just has strange ways of showing her affection. once you've got her though, hold on tight.

be on your toes though! susan is strong and independent, which can sometimes make her more vulnerable than the rest. she always brings something new to the day, and if there's a smile on her face, don't be the one who wipes it away.

susan has an amazing capacity to care about people. even the ones who hurt her.

susan will love you like a girlfriend, talk to you like a trusted advisor, and protect you like a sibling. do the same for her!
P.S. call her susie or sue and she will kill you!
did you talk to the new girl?
yea, she's totally a susan
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Susan is a very very pretty, kind, and loving girl! She is a great bestfriend and if you have a bestfriend named Susan, you are super lucky! She will always stick by your side no matter what! but watch out, when she gets upset, she is UPSET!! but in the end she is an amazing person!
you: I met a someone today, named susan
someone else: omg lucky!
you: haha thanks
by hi lmao December 18, 2016
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Susan tends to be a bit dramatic at times, but she will love you unconditionally if you are loyal in her worst times. She's funny, smart and pretty, even though she sometimes can't see it. They're always living in a dream, so you have to be open-minded when you're involved with someone like her. There's a freaky side of her when you get to know her well and if you're lucky, she will show it to you. This type of girl, will change the world one day.
Friend: Damn Joe, you had a Susan.
Joe: Oh man, I missed out.
by Larson Larry February 10, 2019
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A Susan is someone who is generous, smart, and open-minded. They love to have fun, but know right from wrong. They don't really have friends they trust, but are always there for other people. Susan's are very good at keeping secrets and building friendships. They don't hate anyone and never hold grudges. Their biggest weakness is forgiveness. She forgives to easily, and has an amazing capacity to care about people, even those who hurt her.
A Susan is extremely beautiful but denies it. She never sees the good qualities in herself but only in other people.
Susans are very ambitious. They love to get involved and are very athletic. They tend to be really talented at their favorite sport and always give it their all.
When it comes to the future, Susans dream BIG. They'll do whatever it takes to reach their goal and won't allow anyone to bring them down.
Susans make excellent companions and will love you like no one else could. They care more about their lovers feelings than their own and will do almost anything to see them smile.
Did you see Susan today? She looks beautiful!
I love Susan!
She's so amazing!
by einstein5608 August 17, 2013
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Susan's tend to be wonderful girls! If you've got one hold on tight! Susan's are extremely fun, caring, intelligent, very funny, beautiful, and make the best friends and girlfriends ever! They are the epitome of classyness!
Did you see Susan today? She looks beautiful!
I love Susan!
I wish I had Susan!
by Beeper727 August 27, 2008
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Susan is a very generous person who likes seeing other people being happy. They look forward to good things and love family. They dont see their own beauty and often deny it when someone says they are beautiful. Susan can be shy and can sometimes have a hard time being themselves. They love goofing around and having a good time. They also make really amazing friends, trust me, they will become very close to you very quickly. They are considerate of other peoples feelings and are not quick to judge someone. Dont let go of them because they will ALWAYS love you. When they get hurt they dont try to get revenge and always want to see people happy to the point where they loose sight of the fact that they need to see their own happiness. If you are a Susan, you are an amazing person, so thank you for being you. *virtual red heart sent in your direction*
Friend: Ive been having a rough day.
Susan (after having her own really hard day): Tell me all about it, Im right here if you need anything.
Friend: thanks Susan I love you
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to completely destroy anything with wheels such as a wheelbarrow, 4 wheeler, lawnmower, car, truck or jeep, etc
what happened to that car it looks like someone susaned it!
by southernbellefrmhell June 23, 2011
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