When two or more parties consisting of individuals from different ethnic backgrounds engage in a large scuffle or fist-fight. Winner of the race war will be awarded boasting rights for their particular ethnicity.
Hey you fucking mexicans how bout us asians engage in a race war with your taco eating asses.
by ErikC November 6, 2007
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A fight in the change room between 2 races.
Usually between Europeans and Asian.

A stupid idea Cusi made up from watching to much SouthPark
So I was sitting on a bench right? Then everyone starts screaming "Race War, Race War" Then Ryan comes up to me and starts punching me, so I had no choice but to punch him back.
by the urban speller March 14, 2009
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A place where the boy racers can hang and hoon around.

i'll see you at race wars biaaaaatch.
by Hato Hammer April 18, 2006
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gas the bikes race war now
by blackphantomracer April 5, 2022
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