Military acronym originally meaning "Meal, Ready to Eat."

Modern MRE's generally consist of a main course, bread and spread (grape jelly, strawberry or blackberry jam, jalepeno cheese, etc.), a desert (pound cake, M&M's,), powdered drinks, a condiment package, and a heating element (in case the soldier is interested in a semi-hot meal). Each MRE, when fully consumed, is approximately 2000 calories, the suggested daily caloric intake for an average person.

The quality of MRE's has consistently improved, though when compared to other food, it is still FUBAR. This explains why MRE's have several derisive terms:

- Meals Rejected by Everyone
- Meals Rarely Enjoyed
- Meals Rejected by Ethiopians
- Meals Rejected by the Enemy
- Meals Refusing to Exit*

There are methods of enjoying an MRE so that it's not particularly terrible. "The Ranger Cookbook" is an unoffical military document which provides the soldier an effective means of mixing and matching MRE's so as to have the most enjoyable meal possible.

* This acronym may be outdated; supposedly, the gum included in the condiments package is a mild laxative.
During the bag drag, my flight made sure we had six MRE's to a person. We'd worry about who was getting the shittier menus later.
by FlippinKamikaze August 21, 2015
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Meals, Ready to Eat- military field rations
also: Meals Rejected by the Enemy or Meals Rejected by Ethiopians
Instead of some 'hot chow' today, all we got was an MRE.
by shitass September 9, 2003
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prepackaged food carried by the armed forces for use on the field during battle (an initialism that is often reinterpreted by soldiers that don't like them hence terms like meals rejected by the enemy)
My brother onced remarked that he would not mind having an MRE.
by Light Joker November 28, 2006
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Sexual slang for "Meal, Ready to Eat". Anyone that is either wearing crotchless underwear or none at all (i.e. going commando, freeballing, etc.) to make themselves more accessible for oral sex.
Woman 1: It's date night, should I go lace or crotchless?
Woman 2: Forget the panties, be an MRE.
Woman 1: MRE?
Woman 2: You know, a meal ready to eat.
Woman 1: Well, I do pair well with wine.
by wesa23519 July 11, 2020
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Meal Ready to Eat
Meal Rejected by Everyone
Meal Rejected by Ethiopeans

Otherwise known as "C-Rations". MRE's are basically pre-ready food for use on the battlefield. High in calories, they are capable of lasting for weeks as well. MRE's usually consist of canned food, such as beans. MRE's are often rationed to be a whole day's meal, complete with a desert (which is usually a chocolate bar). MRE's also have drinks that only require warm water to become ready to drink.

MRE's may not be home-cookin', but it'll do ya good.
"MRE's are DEFINATELY rejectable by ethiopeans!"
by Dave March 28, 2004
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Meals rejected by Ethiopeans
My MRE tasted awful!
by IfMem0ryServes November 13, 2007
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Wikipedia defines this as:

"Meal, Ready-to-Eat– is a self-contained, individual field ration in lightweight packaging bought by the United States military for its service members for use in combat or other field conditions where organized food facilities are not available."

As anyone will tell you, these meals are definitely a last resort or a last choice as they're commonly described as disgusting and full of calories. If for some reason you ever want to try one, your local military surplus store should have a bin full of them.
"So how did the MRE test results go with the volunteers?"

- Well they didn't thoroughly enjoy it, but they didn't shit themselves sideways or die either."

"Alright then that's good enough for us. We'll just go ahead and stamp the Warfighter approved™ on every package
by crackerassfantastic August 30, 2017
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