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Obviously, the word stems from the root word, prepare. It seems to me, a prepper could be basically anyone who likes or tries to be prepared for all contingencies, but seems to particularly imply preparedness for either small and large disaster scenarios.

(This word is NOT to be confused with the word, preppy, which has quite a different meaning.)
I was never really a preppy (even though I went to a prep school), but now I'm preparing to become a prepper, since these 2016 elections are putting the shit so close to the fan!

Not all preppers are the fanatics that are described or implied by some definitions. If you live in a place like California, especially if you live on a major fault line like I do, you really need to be a prepper; because when you run out of potable water, I'm not sharing mine with you! :p

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The original definition of fault line (from which the slang terms are derived) is basically an underground crack in the earth's tectonic plates. It is along these lines where earthquakes most frequently occur and with the greatest impact. Fault lines may also be referred to as earthquake faults.

I know this is supposed to be a slang dictionary, but I think that understanding the origin of this word gives greater meaning to the slang terminology.
The 1906 earthquake was in a way far more devastating in Santa Rosa, California than in San Francisco. Both cities are located along the same fault line, the San Andreas fault, but the epicenter was closer to Santa Rosa, where the shaking was much stronger. The reason so many died in San Francisco was due to the fires that started and not as a direct result of the motion of the quake itself.

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adj. meaning: 1. horribly delicious 2. having a delicious effect on the appetite but a horrible effect on the health of the body
Jack in the Box Supreme Croissants are way horriblicious!

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A preppy is a student in a college prep school, where young people are taught subject matter that is intended to prepare them for the best colleges. The term could technically apply to any student in such a school, but the classic preppy stereotype is usually implied.

A classic preppy has an attitude of superiority and a focus on group status. A typical preppy wants to stand out by fitting in with the in crowd. Therefore, they most often shop where other preppies do, for things that add to their social status. Typical preppies, such as jocks, cheerleaders, class presidents and prom queens, they will be in all the most popular cliques. They are supposed to be preparing for college, but they act like they are really just preparing to be socialites. Classic preppy types are usually stuck up.

Preppies are most often rather conservative in style compared to the rest of us, but they love the hottest trendy stuff within their conservative niche. Not everyone who goes to a prep school is a preppy. Preppies usually come from well-to-do families with respectable backgrounds and are accustomed to a life of privilege. Students who are not in the preppy crowd usually come from lower income families, often attending on a scholarship. Anyone who does not quite fit in with the preppy image or lifestyle will find it difficult to befriend one of them.

(This word is NOT to be confused with the word, prepper, which means something else.)
Although I attended a traditional prep school in New England, I was never a preppy. I lived on the poor end of the same street where many of my preppy classmates lived, but they, of course, lived at the upper end, where the big, fancy houses were. My mom and dad were divorced and I was only there on a scholarship, but the preppy girls all had dads who were highly paid professionals with careers as doctors, lawyers, psychiatrists, and such.

I never wanted to be a preppy, because those girls acted so selfish, vain, pretentious and arrogant that they all just seemed too shallow and unoriginal to be of any interest to me as people. I guess and hope that the attitude of most preppies has improved since I attended that venerable institution of learning in the 60s and 70s.

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