A Battle.net user from 2003-2005, who was a master at hacking others' accounts. He was the leader of Clan Forsaken for three years, one of the biggest hacking clans on USWest.
Ammunition hacked my account, and now I don't have one.
by jpilkington July 6, 2006
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Hollywood ammo is a term referring to guns/clips which have unlimited ammunition. The term came about from movies in which actors can shoot a seemingly infinite amount of bullets without needing to reload their gun.
Guy: Whoa! John Wayne just fired off 10 shots from his 6-shooter without reloading! Flub!
Girl: No, it's cool. He has Hollywood ammunition. He'll never run out of rounds.
by 403forbidden January 17, 2011
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Failures and let downs in your buddy's life which, if mentioned in front of his mother, would produce a nagging tirade.
Duder 1: "So Mrs. G, I heard your son dropped out of college?"

Mrs. G: "Don't even get me started! How come your girlfriend is getting her second degree when you can't even get one? Don't you know how important an education is?"

Duder 2: "Yes, mom I do. Thanks a lot you dick. Like I don't hear that enough without your help."

Duder 1: "I'd just like to say thank you to your life for providing me so much nagging ammunition."
by westfalia January 13, 2010
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ammunition that is used in the case that a surprise attack is attempted on the individual
I got party ammunition for those tryna surprise me

-Ludacris Bridges-
by bennkap0010 January 22, 2011
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The Packer position is responsible for constructing boxes and packing them full of products you already know and love.
Man it's a great day at the lake!! Wow bro are you a ammunition packer you packed that fast.
by Fun with words March 3, 2021
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active spermatozoa
it turned out john wasn't just shooting blanks, he was shooting live ammunition
by michael foolsley November 24, 2009
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