The day the world explodes, freezes over, burns, is zapped, poisoned, taken over, or otherwise rendered uninhabitable.
Today is doomsday. And if not, tomorrow. And if not, the next day...
by Darius July 16, 2003
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(verb) When someone adamantly insists or fearmongers that some sort of monumental event will happen within the week! when the week has passed, and they've been proven wrong, they'll say within the month! Two months go by, but they still KNOW that it's going to happen soon.
Eve has been doomsdaying about it for months, and we didn't believe her, but Alice and Bob finally broke up...
by Jane Doe November 19, 2019
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Title of the season two finale of the new series of doctor who

features the exit of billie piper as rose tyler.

the saddest episode in the history of tv according to fans, it's mentions sends them into tears.
"i wrote a reunion fic for doomsday"
"when you watch doomsday,make sure you have tissues handy"
"i have seen doomsday 30 times"
"im watching doomsday fanvids"
by okelay September 1, 2006
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The celebration of the end of the world adapted from the science fiction genre based from the zombie apocalypse. Pointlessly given the name Doomsday by religions and mythologies to make it sound all the more terrifying to people like Thor and Odin. A great time for students to leave their homework for another time and start running for their lives.
Happy doomsday guys! YaY!
Welp, I mean like, it's only doomsday
by puzzling trials February 26, 2018
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Lord of the negros, often found at raves pounding his head to heart stopping techno music, very mild mannered and calm but he is a monster don't cross the line!
by Anonymous February 28, 2003
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