An industry that feeds all the whiny and snoby liberal arts and engineering majors. We have more job security than everybody else because people will always need to eat and wear clothes. We drink all other majors under the table, and then wake them up for shots. Agriculturalists actually have time for a social life and still get up in the morning to feed your steak before it goes to slaughter.
Agriculture is what feeds you.
by Some Agriculture major March 8, 2006
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When you're looking for something to major in.... Um... agriculture is a wide open field..... LITERALLY!
by flipswirl July 2, 2007
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the art of working 400 hours/month without pay while having to put up with all the whining of the people you are trying to feed who think you are poisoning them..
agriculture. Maybe its time to move on and find something else
by dat boi Peter March 18, 2018
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Culture for people who don't like culture. Kind of like computer culture, only more stupid stuff that no one uses.
I work in agriculture so I have no friends.
by C. Frey August 13, 2008
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A government/religion wherein the people will farm vast amounts of lands for long periods of time, eating and drinking minimally while being veagans to please the farm gods so they will recieve more land to farm.
Agriculturalism is a vicious cycle in which the people cannot advance their technology because they cannot do anything except farm
by Netmaster296 March 30, 2010
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A process involving a man and a women. Taking feces from the female, you smear it on her pubic region in hopes of fertilizing "grass" but what will you use to plow? Your teeth of course. If successfully grown, you can use slash and burn cropping to reap your rewards by burning the hair off. Put you seasons supply in a safe place, like a vagina.
Man tht chick was so hot, but it'd really be great to do some agricultre on her
by The Herb and company September 17, 2004
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An excessively boring subject where the goal is to torture and confuse poor unsuspecting students. Rakes, shovels and unamed weapons are usually used.
(During a potentially deadly 45minute lesson of Agricultural Science)

Mr Hatt: "Hey Bob can you grab that shovel over there for me?"
Bob: "Why sure!"
(skips across ground and falls through pothole into a pile of dung)
Mr Hatt: "Forgot to mention that, Least its a nice colour, that theres the sign of healthy crap".
(this is, in essence, an example of how useful the information you are taught in Ag science is)
by norm12345678910 October 19, 2006
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