n. A non-nudist.
adj. Of or relating to non-nudists.
"Naturists do everything textiles do, except nude! Nude or clothing-optional beaches are just like textile beaches, except the dress code."
by ManaUser January 28, 2006
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textile is the combination of texting and hostile. so when someone is texting you and they are being intimidating, malice, antagonistic, or in offensive nature they are being textile.
guy 1: my gal wont stop sending me these intimidating texts. she keeps telling me i'm not allowed to hang out with my friends instead of her.

guy 2: man, you cant be with her 24/7. tell her to stop being so textile with you.
by chops22 January 1, 2010
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common name for the clothing 'locked'! i.e.-those who COULD NOT, and/or WOULD NOT; EVER 'bare their treasures' on the nude beach!!

he/she TERRIFIED of bare skin!!
the textiles were HORRIFIED! when the streaker ran across the baseball field.

judy was thrilled to leave the world of the textiles, during her first time on the nude beach!!

john had flesh colored swim trunks, complete with a hose, sack, and hairy triangle!, that TERRIFIED!! those on the textile beach!!
by michael foolsley October 30, 2011
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Someone who likes to text a lot; the messaging equivalent of tactile.
"I've just started seeing this guy - he messages me first thing in the morning, throughout the day, and last thing at night. He's very textile."
by Anna of Mayfield July 29, 2020
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To sexually excite a person through texting. A combination of texting and titillating.
His texts were hot and steamy; they were very textillating.
by williwooyou December 18, 2011
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As in unable to text due to social circumstance or event.
Eric:My new standard right hand drive seriously impedes me from texting while driving.

Jennifer: Honey, that vehicle has you in textile!
Eric: yeah, I guess it's safer though.
by JeLyG August 17, 2013
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A group of people who text in class, usually at a middle or high school. At least 3 or more must participate for it to be an official textilization.
And, as Ashley joined her friends as texting in class, with their cell phones hidden in their zipper bags, it became an official textilization.
by Your average Moe January 11, 2009
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