23 definitions by The Ugly One

Pie Jesu domini. Dona eis requiem.

Lux Aeternam.

Cum sanctus tuis in aeternam. Qui a pius et.

Agnus dei. Qui tolis pecatta mundi. Dona eis requiem.
by The Ugly One December 01, 2003
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1: To destroy a God or diety

2: To destroy me
1: When the Pope and the Antipope meet

2: (That's impossible, by the way)
by The Ugly One April 24, 2004
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1. Let's do it.

2. What a girl says when you've freaked her out and she just wants to get out of your sight.
1. ...and let's do it now.

2. <backs away slowly> "So I hear you're into sheep... That's... cool... We should do something... sometime... I guess... Well, bye!" <runs>
by The Ugly One April 24, 2004
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MUCH higher than I can count; I don't even have enough fingers to do that one.
Well, I can't count to ten but someone told me I've got ten fingers... That's close enough, right?
by The Ugly One February 27, 2004
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n. something that raises its subject to a higher level of potency, an artificial adaptation.

v. to make something more powerful or significant
L3K gets a new upgrade every day; she acquired teleportation a couple weeks ago for instance.
by The Ugly One November 19, 2003
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n. Greek, a society which is free of hate, violence, prejudice, bigotry, jealousy, etc, and is unobtainable.

Except one way which would be blowing the hell out of everything, leaving nothing alive to hate or be hated.
"BOOM!!!" and there was Utopia.
by The Ugly One November 19, 2003
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