23 definitions by The Ugly One

1: To destroy a God or diety

2: To destroy me
1: When the Pope and the Antipope meet

2: (That's impossible, by the way)
by The Ugly One April 25, 2004
One plus One can equal Three without protection.
Who says math doesn't apply to real life?
by The Ugly One February 28, 2004
To get someone (usually a female) pregnant.
Danny: "I guess I should've used a condom last week..."
Mike: "Dude you can't go around friggin' knocking up ten-year olds!"
Danny: "There's no statutory rape law in Maine."
by The Ugly One January 29, 2004
n. Greek, a society which is free of hate, violence, prejudice, bigotry, jealousy, etc, and is unobtainable.

Except one way which would be blowing the hell out of everything, leaving nothing alive to hate or be hated.
"BOOM!!!" and there was Utopia.
by The Ugly One November 20, 2003
The American Vehicle of Choice. Pollutes, drinks gas like camels drink water, and carries ten thousand more people than you could ever need to fit in a car at once, ever.

Commonly driven by anyone who feels like it. Blocks the view of people pulling out of parking spaces and the like.

Much bigger than most other cars, thus considerably more collision-safe (though less well-guarded in terms of rollover).
Now the road may have congestion,
But, hey, I'll get there alive.
So don't pester me with questions
Like "What would GANDHI drive??"

~God Bless My SUV, Capital Steps
by The Ugly One March 22, 2004