A term descended and condensed from the phrase "fucking the dog". Used to describe the act of doing nothing, as well as making a fuck-up occur and the act of departing forthwith.
1. Fuck man it's time we left, let's pooch.
2. You pooched the hell out of it.
3. Did nothing but the pooch today.
by PDR July 19, 2003
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'Pooch' is the lowest insult one can receive. The insult's origin is found in the animal kingdom, with particularly foolish canines being called a Pooch. The word Pooch relates to human beings just as effectively; the insulter making the insultee feel very inferior, much like a small dog.

Pooch- "I just dug a hole. Guess what I did next, James!"
James- "Dude you're 21, grow up."
Pooch- "But James I feel like a prince"
James- "Shut up, pooch."

(Dog walks in with a snail in his mouth)
Dog owner- "Stupid-ass pooch! You be trippin."
by crazyfool330 September 27, 2009
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Bump in the pants formed when you sit down.
Pants that dont fit correctly may form a pooch.
by andrew "analyzer" johnson December 08, 2004
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A 10 dollar bag of powder cocaine. It is not snorted, it is poured on top of marijuana and smoked.
"Where can we cop a pooch?"
"I got the blunt, you got the pooch?"
"That hole be havin them fat ass pooches."
by Merz February 06, 2003
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This terms, used by LGBT clubbers, refers to the one being in the process of perfecting his/her own looks, attitude, style, personality and/or all the above and is only so if this process is seen by an other's perspective as being pleasing to his/her (the observers) standards. One might even say this would be the extreme reference to express ones approval. When one is referred to as pooched this is to say the final view of ones attire is on hit status. To queer folk describing someone as pooched is the ultimate compliment. This term is embraced by queer folk in the USA from coast to coast.
Girlfriend's fashions were pooched from head to toe! Her mission to pooch was set out in fierce armour of the finest couture garb. She aced her effect with brim, bag and boots to match as carried on pooching at last nights function!
by Demicci D. Dior-Britt December 02, 2006
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