1: A Bassett word, someone who says the wrong thing at the wrong time.

2: A complete & utter doushbag.

3: A straight man who is absolutely gay.

4. A man who cant control his mouth.
1: 'Yeah & then I cummed all on her tits!'
'Cheers son, but me & your mother didn't need to know that'

2: Mate, dont be a Rumbold, he's such a pooch.

3:I'm not gay, I love the Wanted.......

4: That's my missus, leave your comments out
by Ladybird87 July 15, 2011
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Whoever keeps dropping pooches on the floor of the locker room needs to quit NOW!
by mangus January 13, 2005
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In football, used to describe either of two kinds of kicking plays; a punt or a kickoff. The pooch punt is a targeted free kick intended to place the receiving team deep in its own zone, usually by aiming the kick to roll out of bounds. The pooch kick is either a high, lobbed kickoff intended to drop behind the opposing front line with the goal of the kicking team to recover, as in an on-side kick, or a low, hard line drive kick that is difficult for the receiving team to handle (also known as a squib kick).
1. "Man, he pooched that one beautifully, pinning the Packers inside the five yard line."

2. The pooch kick was recovered by the kicking team before it had gone the required ten yards, giving possession to the receiving team.
by iceking October 18, 2005
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