17 definitions by Rage

To release your manly(or womanly) fluids to gain pleasure.
Finally, near the end I extrapolated all over the baby jesus because I pulled out and realized we were still in church.
by Rage February 23, 2005
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(1)-Interjection- Used when someone is running around on fire while you hold the godly flamethrower.
"Feel the burn kid?"
by Rage April 24, 2003
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A stupid skank whore slut bag. Top of the whores.
Stephanie Hall is the biggest pooch ever.
by Rage June 8, 2003
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Yo azz is so phat!
by Rage March 5, 2003
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omfghefuckingrulestotally.hewasformer super-mod and modatw-e
He makes GFX. omg check out his recent shit, it ownz
by Rage January 13, 2005
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To get high at a explecit level, mostly used when you are using your mouth,ears,and your ass to smoke something.
"awwww man i'm frickin' high 9." *PASSES OUT*
by Rage April 24, 2003
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(1)-Interjection- For an old person to yell, bicker, and bitch at you to get off his piss-yellow lawn.
"Hey you rascals! Get the fuck off my lawn!!!"
by Rage April 24, 2003
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