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(1)-Interjection- For an old person to yell, bicker, and bitch at you to get off his piss-yellow lawn.
"Hey you rascals! Get the fuck off my lawn!!!"
by Rage April 24, 2003

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Fresh, new, hot, bang'n.
Thats off the meat Rack
by Rage October 14, 2004

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To refuse an idea or statement.
I don't want to do my homework! The hell with it!
by Rage November 05, 2003

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(1)-Verb- To use a Dildo.
(2) See Dildo
"Yeah...Dill My Doe, girl!"
by Rage April 24, 2003

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A pedophile who stalks 14-yr old's on Yahoo/AA/ICQ.
"You djmc-z! Stop staring at my child!"
by Rage April 09, 2003

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(1)-Noun-A lesbian Dinosuar.
"That there is a anchient Lickapus hip bone!"
"Why is it red?"
"Well you see..."
by Rage April 24, 2003

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Syphillitic shenkroids,

His syphillitic shenkroids prevented him from having a more pleasurable sexual encounter with his partner.
His angus beefhole was sore from having sex after a outbreak of syphillitic shenkroids.
by Rage February 13, 2005

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