the best car ever made. It is powered by a 1,000hp biturbo V16 and has a sick spoiler. The farty is produced by farty Motor Company and it is sold throughout the entire universe. Sextillions of units have been sold in total, and billions of farty vehicles are made every second.
I just bought a brand new farty, wanna go on a drive with me this Saturday?
by UndeadHamasaki August 31, 2022
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A party where you just sit around and fart.
Guy 1: Farty at your house today.
Guy 2: What time?
by DucNukem January 16, 2008
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Bad smelling - usually in England.
That pub smells farty with all the crowd in there.
by Kevin_GroveLine September 28, 2005
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A party in which there is a fire going on, typically outside. Think of it as a house party w/ a bonfire going on outside in the yard.
"C'mon over dude, were having a farty over at Tony's crib!"
by Tone-E June 19, 2011
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When someone or something refuses to cooperate, or be a smart, decent human being without an attitude. Farty is pretty much indescribable, you just know when someones being farty, its like a 6th sense.
GOSH, Curly Mophead is soo farty
by Ween Patrol January 3, 2005
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