pooch: is a non-derogatory term for that pad of fat just south of a woman's navel, but north of her genitalia.
She was relaxing when her husband poked her in the pooch.
by baddozer April 18, 2009
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Pooch is an abbreviation for the term pussy-pouch. This can be best explained as a lipid gathering around the uteran area, which forms what one might call a uterus pouch. This is a seperate package from the stomach. However, a pooch might also be part of one's pubic mound.
Hey, look at that old lady's pooch! Her fanny pack sits so nicely on it.
by paulasquared October 14, 2005
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A physical sensation that occurs when "tantalizing unhealthy" foods are consumed and your stomach appears to increase in mass. A common duo of foods that are infamous for causing this phenomenon are M&Ms and popcorn.
Oh my, it seems as if these jalapeno Poppers are beginning to make my stomach pooch.
by propstome April 13, 2013
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The true unsung hero, the man, the myth, the man who demands no attention when he really deserves it. Late nights washing loads on loads of laundry, to the 6am rink grind to washing dirty jocks, pooch is the real MVP and everyone needs a pooch.
Dude my jock was so smelly but my boy pooch always got me covered
by Bigpappa200000 May 18, 2017
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It's another word for vagina, pussy, minge, wizards sleeve, whispering eye.
I want to poke your pooch with my love sword

Spread your pooch so i can finger you

Your pooch looks and smells like a cauliflower
by Pooch Vegas December 11, 2013
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A verb meaning to screw something up. As in pooch screw.
You totally pooched your chances of hooking up with her.

The situation is all pooched up.
by KML234 August 20, 2009
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A term descended and condensed from the phrase "fucking the dog". Used to describe the act of doing nothing, as well as making a fuck-up occur and the act of departing forthwith.
1. Fuck man it's time we left, let's pooch.
2. You pooched the hell out of it.
3. Did nothing but the pooch today.
by PDR July 19, 2003
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