Pitter (noun); A social gathering or party that is held outdoors, usually by and for alcoholic teenagers. These pitters are typically located at empty industrial sites or open valleys in the bush .
Any house parties this weekend?

Nah only pitters.
by Doozy Clout Fam December 15, 2019
Another word for a Juul vape stick.
Hey bro, let me hit your pitter. Can I use your charger? My pitter is almost dead
by Realpsalty May 23, 2018
A sense of impending doom or extreme apprehension. Refers to armpit perspiration that accompanies a frightening or uneasy situation. Used as an excalamation or a noun.
"Pitters dude! I'm running on empty and it's a hundred miles to the next gas station."

"I've got some irreversible pitters going about this project for work. My boss has been riding my ass all week and I haven't even started yet.
by DC_dimmy October 25, 2005
When you drink too much coffee, get the jitters, and have to poop. Popping out the jitters.
"Aw man, that Carmel Macchiato gave me the pitters!"
by Tb93 August 2, 2015
(verb) To argue, banter, or talk about something.
"You two pitter more about the game than actually playing it!"
by Rikua Anata October 10, 2006
Pitter patter is the first part to a saying (pitter patter, let's get at er). It basically means "let's go". This saying is used a lot in the tv show Letterkenny.
Friend 1: You wanna get hammered
Friend 2: Sure
Friend 1: Well, Pitter Patter
Friend 2: Let's get at 'er!
by Mr Muffins June 11, 2020
*shouting out in the yard during a thunderstorm* "Look at you pups houndin' around all muddy...get in here, quick! Pitter Patter, let's get at 'er!"
by SassiBass18 August 7, 2018