The Best town in the World

Situated in Donegal, Ireland on the mouth of the Swlly
This Town is so Letterkenny
by Pat from Down the road November 16, 2004
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A Canadian cooking show which provides a deep dive into the lives of chefs with varying opinions about the best way to prepare their Berta beef.
Landing lollops in Letterkenny is likely to leave you with at least a little lump on your lip.
by darkwebz August 9, 2019
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Letterkenny (from the Irish: Leitir Ceanainn), with a population of 17,568, is the largest town in County Donegal.

The Main Street, originally the retail centre of the town, has become a centre for popular night clubs and pubs, voodoo in particular has attracted figures such as Sander Van Doorn, Markus Schulz, Paul Van Dyk, Eddie Halliwell and Marco V in recent years. The locals have there own slang which is commonly used.

Letterkenny is one of the worst towns in Ireland for public order offences. There were a total of 777 public order offences recorded in the town in 2003 with 1505 recorded in 2008. These statistics place Letterkenny as the sixth worst town in Ireland for public order offences, worse than the notoriously dangerous Dublin suburbs of Coolock and Clondalkin.
The Main Street has seen numerous assaults, stabbings, sexual assaults, drug raids and attacks on Gardaí in the past. Drug crime has become a problem in recent years, notably in the now demolished mart building.

The three main shopping malls are the Courtyard Shopping Centre, the Forte Shopping Centre and the Letterkenny Shopping Centre, the latter being the oldest. The Main Street is home to many older establishments including R. McCullagh Jewellers, dating from 1869, and Speers Department Store.

The Letterkenny Institute of Technology (LYIT; known locally as the Regional) is one of the largest institutes of third level education anywhere in Ulster.
boy 1: yep sham!

boy2: wats the craic about letterkenny these days ?

boy1:wile bita craic for ye! yeno your juck sean, got himself into a brave owl hanlin last night there! was clean lushed out of his head!! pure layed into some buck who was monged! some one had to call his oul boy tae come down and get him! clean mentz so it was! felt sorry for his gf the wee pet!
by aye boy December 3, 2010
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When you steal a two-four and walk through a sliding glass door.
Person 3: " I think its time for The Letterkenny Leave"
Person 1:" Drastic times."
Person 2: "Drastic Measures."
by Daryl_In_Perril_Snackbar June 2, 2018
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