This is the beginning of depression. When you feel like the world is just out to get you.. nothing is going right in your life, and you're on the verge of insanity or killing yourself. Despite all that, you still go through your daily routine, holding into an ounce of hope that things will be better one day...

Then you're running on empty.
I don't know about you, but I'm running on empty.
by Nerissa September 27, 2005
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When you have no juice left to cum
Boyfriend : ahhhh im running on empty here
Girlfriend: just asecond, im about to cum!
by TarzanTheMonkeyMan September 9, 2020
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Due to chronic masturbation, this term describes the situation when a puff of air is ejaculated instead of semen.
Geez, I need to stop jerking off like it owes me money, I am running on empty.
by the quaker May 23, 2007
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The #2 hot new band coming up from St. Cloud, Florida.
Starring Evan Smith, Robyn Tindal, Noel, and Lane Jasmine
“Bro you listen to Running On Empty?!”
by FrosterTheMan October 28, 2022
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