The act of being in the state of non-easiness, ergo vis a vis not in measure to conform to the requirement of easiness and the way of "easy" as told by the Grand-Master of Easiness.
unplugging microphones during jam sessions, refusing to accept one's own uneasiness when being told as uneasy and not refusing to indulge the easiness
by Joatt December 21, 2006
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The anxiety a man feels when he is waiting for the results of a store-bought pregnancy test his girlfriend or female sexual partner just took. Being ClearBlue Uneasy implies 1) that pregnancy is greatly feared and not at all desired, and that 2) the man is fairly sure he wants no permanent ties to said woman.
After missing her period, my lady friend took a pregnancy test last night. I was ClearBlue Uneasy for three whole minutes until thankfully, the results were negative. Lesson learned. I will now tone down the number and frequency of my casual sexual encounters for fear of accidental reproduction.
by Poor Woobie March 12, 2008
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That brief moment of panic when you drive up to an EZ Pass toll barrier and the light doesn't immediately change from red to green, making you think you're going to be stuck there.
Man, I had a really scary uneasy pass yesterday . It took three whole seconds for that friggin' light to change.
by HighDefinitions January 10, 2010
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1.(n) A term used to describe a Women that is having her period.
Mark- dude dont go to marys house.
james- Why?
Mark- Because she is an Uneasy Wildabest right now.
James- Oh thanks man, that would have been really bad if i would have went to her house.
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When someone, any age or sex, holds their hand on your bare leg as you attempt to complete a dump.
Hey...Hey, Regina. Yeah...Did you know Paul likes to Uneasy Squeeze all the guys at work? Couldn't pinch anything off. Didn't feel right at all.
by Dr. Petile July 22, 2011
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