A Pine Cone shit is a hurking turd that you know is going to shred your asshole when it comes out so you push real slow and get it half way out and you cannot see because your eyes are full of tears and you say screw it and just give one mighty push and it shoots out of your ass so fast your spinchter slams shut and pulses for about a minute. police are called because the neighbor heard a blood curdling scream from in your house.
Dude last night i took a pinecone shit and i had to stuff my underwear with toilet paper because i was bleeding so much.
by Pistolero777 July 22, 2010
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A turd that is extremely hard and painful to pass whether the turd be spicy or contains shards of glass.
After I slammed that pinecone turd my diarrhea hole bled for eight years.
by TheAnacondors September 24, 2007
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To insert a Pinecone into the anus. Can be played as a game, whoever keeps the Pinecone in the longest wins.
Me, Karen, and Mark had us a good old fashion Muddy Pinecone contest, of course Karen took home the trophy.
by P-Cone June 2, 2020
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The most painful thing that can possibly happen to someone. This phrased is used as a comparison, if something is really bad or unpleasurable, you compare it to shitting a pinecone.
Jim: Dude I had to stay with my grandma all last week.
Mike: That sucks.
Jim: Yeah I would have rather been shitting a pinecone.


Popo: Yeah they did surgery without novacaine, it felt like I was shitting a pinecone.
by Crapspatula June 4, 2005
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Gin & Coffee (Pioneering Gin: Coldstream)
Kent just made the meanest cup of pinecone coffee i have....ever had.
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Someone who is really tall, refering to the fact that they can reach a tree branch and pinch a pinecone. Someone who likes boys or other young male organisms. Someone who eats pinecones or burns them in a fire. A person who pierces their lip.
Joe is a pinecone pincher because he is tall and likes boys.
by Guyguygirlgamerz July 26, 2009
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1) A kid with down syndrome whos job is to sell pinecones. He offers quality pinecones that are edible for anything.

2) Someone who sells pinecone and retarded.
Also a member of the pinecone clan
Pinecone Kid: Sir you want to buy a pinecone?


Pinecone Kid: Sir are you there? Sir?
by Jet February 25, 2005
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