To have sex in multiple and exotic places while inventing new ways of doing it it many languages
1) Woa did you hear that TK and TT are PIONEERING in japanese on a kitchen table?
-Yea, that's so hot!

2)pioneering under a double rainbow "intense joy, coupled with extreme emotional shifts; an experience equal to an orgasm"
by amazingpioneer1 December 12, 2010
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1. The act of walking to a destination, but getting lost in the process.
2. The act of finding a new route while getting lost walking to a destination.
3. The act of ending up at a completely different destination altogether after giving up on finding the first destination.
While trying to find the restaurant, I ended up pioneering to Ikea-- and I found a new pizza place and a shortcut on the way!
by The Lost Girl June 19, 2010
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To exclusively date virgins and then take their virginity shortly after. After taking the virginity the "Pioneer" will find new territory to discover.
Ex 1.
-"Dude I heard that Tony took another girl's virginity last night!"

-"I know, I heard. That dude is a master at Pioneering!"

Ex 2.
-"Some guy named Jeremy took my virginity last night, but when I woke up he was gone."

-"Ugh he sounds like such a Pioneer."
by JafeelForReal May 14, 2014
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The first person to have sex with a girl.
"See that girl? I pioneered her."
by Davis McDonald November 13, 2006
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Anything that is from an earlier era and looked upon with high regard or respect. Can be used to refer to music, clothing, language, or anything really.
1."Those pants are pioneer yo"
2. "I'm going to lay down some pioneering beats!"
3. "We're just kickin' it like pioneers!"
by txSpiderman September 19, 2006
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When the North American continent was first being advertised as "FREE", thousands upon millions of people from Europe came flooding the eastern part of what will later be called The United States of America.

These people left Europe because they were religiously excluded due to their different beliefs and ideas. This was a time where new religions were being born and mainstream people seeing these new takes on reality were feeling threatened by new establishments.

So, being already seen as complete psychopaths, these religious groups were again booted and were forced to trek west to where they would be known as "pioneers" where the trip was a tough one.

They would later tell tales of how they were able to defend themselves against the Native Americans and how awful it was that they were being attacked for no apparent reason.

Today in America white people feel connected and appreciate the pioneers and what they have done for them.

Native Americans can say different.
The Mormons were pioneers as they made their way across the nation to create and preserve a new found future.
by pcberdwin October 4, 2006
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The very spirit of pioneering, found within all true Americans.
Bob: Hey Adam you look excited what do you plan on doing today?
Adam: I'm going on a 38 mile hike today!
Bob: Wow I wish I could be such a huge supporter of pioneerism.
by Adam D-brick April 8, 2010
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